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800 Ocean Terrace, Seaside Heights, NJ (732) 793-6488

What are your hours/pricing?

Please see this page: Pricing

Do I need to use the Ride and Slide Pass during the same day?

No, and the pass is available for purchase any day both parks are open. It can be used on multiple days (Ex: Waterpark admission one day, and the Ride Wristband on the second day)  Can be used from all day at Breakwater Beach and all day at Casino Pier, when both parks are open.

Do you offer a Spectators admission?

Yes, the fee is $5 off admission. No parents with children under 11 years old will be allowed to spectate while their children are on the slides…”If your child is in the water, you should be too”.

What is your Severe Weather policy?

We will close all attractions if the weather becomes dangerous, and will re-open once it is safe again. There will be times that we will have to ask guests to leave the park if severe weather occurs. We do offer a re-admission pass based on the time the guest has been in the park.

Do you have Cabanas? And what are the costs?

We offer 8’x8’ cabanas for rental on a first come-first serve basis for 3 hour or all-day admissions. Cabanas include four bottles of water, 2 lounge chairs, and a lockable small storage area. Please click here for more information CLICK HERE. There is a MAXIMUM of 6 people allowed in the cabanas. We do have one cabana that accommodates 10 people.

Can I drop my child off there for the day?

No one under 11 allowed entrance without a parent or guardian (18 yrs or older)

Do you allow Smoking in the park?

No, but you are allowed to go out of the park and re-enter with your wristband on as long as it’s within your paid time frame.

What about outside Food & Drink?

Food and Drink are NOT permitted in the park. Food for infants and medical needs, or allergies are exceptions, and will need to be cleared by a Supervisor or Manager. All bags are subject to search. Food brought to the front gate will be asked to be returned to your vehicle or thrown away.

Do you allow Water Shoes and Jewelry on the slides?

No, they are not permitted on the slides for your safety.

My child is in diapers, can they go into the water?

Swim Diapers are required on all children who wear diapers and available for purchase at the store. Additionally we ask that diapers are changed in changing rooms and restrooms per the NJ Health Department.

Can I go out of the park and return?

Re-admission is available while within your allotted time. Guest must follow established instructions and are required to show their wristband at re-entry.

What Credit Cards do you take?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover.

Is your water heated?

The Hot Springs, Patriots Plunge, Double Tubes, Two If By Sea and Lazy River are heated.

Do you have chairs and shaded areas in the park

These are available on a first come, first serve basis and RUN OUT QUICKLY on busy days. We do not guarantee a chair for all of our guests.

Do you rent towels?

No we do not rent towels.

What if I run out of money?

We have an ATM located inside the park in the gift store.

Do you have parking available near the park?

The parking around BWB is operated by the town. The space meters accept cash and credit. The few coin parking meters that remain take quarters, there is a quarter machine located inside the store by the exit

Do you have Lockers rentals?

Yes. Small lockers are $12.00 with a $5.00 refundable deposit, larger ones are $15.00 with $5.00 deposit. BWB is not responsible for any items placed inside lockers and recommends leaving all your valuables safe at home.

Can I buy a Season Pass?

We do not offer these, but offer ½ priced tickets at Easter weekend, and we also have a holiday sale in December.

Are there changing rooms

We do have changing areas available near restrooms in the front and center of the park.

Are your restrooms handicap accessible?

Yes, two restrooms are and are located in the front or back of the park. The majority of the park has accessible areas for guests with disabilities.

Can I have someone paged or send a shout out on the speakers?

We do not page anyone over the sound system and we do not make personal announcements over the sound system.

Is there a group discount?

We do offer a group discount for larger groups, and also have discounts for functions such as corporate outings, fundraisers, etc. Please contact Denise at 732-793-6488 x-8214.

Can we have a Birthday Party at your park?:

YES! these be booked online at our website or you can contact Denise at x-8214 for In-Season (May-mid-Sept) groups and Carol at x-8209 for parties mid-Sept thru April.

Can I bring outside floatation devices for my child?

Breakwater Beach provides United States Coast Guard (USCG) Type II & III life vests in a variety of sizes and free of charge throughout the park. Only USCG Type II or III life vests may be worn; floatation devices such as noodles, swimmies, puddle jumpers, in-suit floatation devices, personal swim rings/floats and boogie boards are not permitted. In our activity pool we ask that all parents stay within arm’s reach of their children who wear lifevests.

What if I have to wear a cast?

It is recommended that anyone with pre-existing medical conditions evaluate their ability to participate in water activities. This includes but is not limited to; head, neck or back problems, arms or legs in casts, and pregnant women.

I saw someone taking pictures in the park, am I going to be famous?

Commercial photography is prohibited except with prior permission. Admission to the park signifies your permission and agreement to take and use your photographs or images for educational and promotional purposes.