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800 Ocean Terrace, Seaside Heights, NJ (732) 793-6488


Casino Pier welcomes children, families, thrill-seekers, and boardwalk pleasure admirers.  Stroll through the variety of rides our amusement park offers situated on a classic Jersey Shore pier, extending into the heart of the Atlantic Ocean.  Whether you are looking to take your family to experience the rides for the first time or you are a returning visitor, with plenty of rides, cool ocean breezes, and a spectacular view, the Casino Pier amusement park has something for everyone!

The Casino Pier team-members will help guide your visit to craft any experience you will remember forever.  There is a mixture of the latest state-of-the-art rides as well as classic boardwalk amusement rides.  The Casino Pier amusement park is your premier destination at the Jersey Shore.  Generations have enjoyed the nostalgia of the resort beach town and amusement park.  Our dedicated staff members ensure that all rides are thoroughly inspected and safe for you to enjoy.  Our highly-trained professional team’s goal is your enjoyment and safety.

The amusement park at Casino Pier offers classic children’s rides such as the Boats, Motorcycles, and Speedway whip cars.  Family rides include the Tilt-A-Whirl, Moby Dick, Hot Tamales Roller Coaster, and Fun House.  Thrill seekers will enjoy our new Eurofighter model roller coaster opening this upcoming season as well as our 109 foot tall SkyCoaster where flyers drop and swing right out over the Atlantic ocean!  And lets not forget our Skyscraper standing 161 foot tall, where riders are strapped to the end of a crane-like arm and are whipped around at speeds up to 60 miles per hour!

Casino Pier offers pay-as-you go tickets, as well as pay-one-price specials.  Everyone is welcome to enter our park and enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, and atmosphere.  Whenever planning a trip to the Jersey Shore, a visit to the Casino Pier amusement park is a must for your enjoyment and making lifetime memories.  We look forward to your visit – see you on the rides!