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Family fun meets friendly family competitiveness at Wacky Rooftop Golf. This 18 hole miniature golf course is themed with traditional miniature golf fare. From hitting your ball around the loopy-loop, to avoiding the windmill’s blade, this course offers thrills for golfers of all ages. Easy enough for children to play, yet with obstacles to make it exciting for more experienced miniature golfers, Wacky Rooftop Golf is one attraction you do not want to miss during your visit to Casino Pier.

Situated on multiple rooftops between the Casino Pier Arcade and Amusement Park, the Wacky Rooftop Golf offers incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean, Seaside Height’s Boardwalk and the Casino Pier. The entrance staircase is located near the South Entrance to the Casino Pier Amusement Park. The challenging family-friendly course offers traditional Americana figurines. Be sure to bring a camera to take a picture with a tiger, a dancing bear, or humpty-dumpty. Benches are available for those who would like to kick back and enjoy the cool ocean breezes while the children go play. We look forward to seeing who the best golfer is in your family!

Wacky Rooftop Golf is $7 per player.

Golf Guidelines and Information:

  • Golf clubs are available for people of all sizes. The club should be no taller than the waist line. Special small plastic children’s clubs are available upon request.
  • All holes require a “putt” only – golfers should not swing the club higher than their waist. For safety reasons, anyone “driving” the ball will be asked to leave the course.
  • To keep the flow of traffic fun for everyone, we ask that you kindly break up your group if there are more than 5 golfers.
  • You do not have to play the holes in chronological order; a scorecard is available to allow you to play however you see fit and avoid backups.
  • The miniature golf course offers thrills, excitement, and benches to sit – but unfortunately, not much shade. Sunscreen is recommended!
  • Be sure to bring a camera – there are lots of photo opportunities at Wacky Rooftop Golf!
  • The course is only accessible by a staircase.
  • Spectators are allowed to watch their group play at no charge.
  • Wacky Rooftop Golf is a great “date night” idea!
  • The attendant is seated at the entrance – they are there to help you with whatever you may need, feel free to ask!