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800 Ocean Terrace, Seaside Heights, NJ (732) 793-6488

Seaside Height’s legendary Casino Pier opened in 1932 and has made many changes since.  In 1987, the waterpark opened originally Water Works, now named Breakwater Beach Waterpark.  There has been so many iconic moments that had been photographed or video taped as Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach were being established as Seaside Height’s premier family attraction. As we are rebuilding and recreating Casino Pier, we are searching for golden gems from our past.

We are digging through the sand trying to find the pieces from the past that helps to tell our history through pictures, videos and advertisements.

And now we are asking for your help. Send us your Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach photos, videos and advertisements to help recreate the story of our early days.

To make it fun, we are upping the ante and awarding each person who submits a coupon to use on our property.

Send your ads from the glory days to or to Casino Pier, Attn: Maria Mastoris at 800 Ocean Terrace, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751. If you send us an original hard copy, we will send it back to you after we scan it.

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