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Late in the evening of October 29th 2012, Hurricane Sandy made landfall and caused damage to homes and infrastructure ranging into the billions of dollars in the state of New Jersey alone, according to the National Weather Service’s preliminary estimate. That agency also reported several wind gusts in Ocean County at close to 90 mph, and a buoy located near the entrance to New York Harbor issued a record wave height of 32.5 feet at 8:50 pm, just before a time that multiple witnesses present on the barrier island at that time attribute to a fast moving storm surge that elevated water levels in or near their homes drastically in a short period.

The properties of Casino Pier sustained severe damage as a result of Sandy.  Access to the barrier island of Seaside Height was halted until October 31st, when owner, Vincent Storino,  was first able to make it back to the amusement center.
200′ of the pier was lost in the northern more section and 50′ was lost in the southern section.  The JetStar Roller coaster, Log Flume, Stillwalk Manor, Centrifuge Building with the ride and many other rides or parts of rides housed in there, and the Music Xpress fell into the Atlantic Ocean.

It was never a question of “if” Casino Pier was rebuilding.  It was a matter of how quickly.  We have a great team of workers that have worked from November 12th to do the recovery efforts.  We thank everyone from the community, our guests, families and friends that have given us support during the rebuilding process. We are pleased to announce we opened on Memorial Day and look forward to another successful season!

Below illustrates the rebuilding process.

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