Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a place to smoke on Casino Pier?

No, the properties of Casino Pier including the go-karts, and arcade areas are non-smoking.

Where are your ATM locations?

Several ATM’s are located inside the Casino Arcade as well as outside the main ticket booths on the ride pier.

What happens in bad weather?

Each weather event is different, but in cases of severe weather the rides are closed until it is safe to operate them once again. If weather conditions prevent us at anytime from presenting a safe environment for our guests and team members, we will temporarily suspend operations until management feels it is safe to reopen.

What if I were to be hurt while on the property?

First Aid is located inside Guest Relations on Casino Pier. We also have several managers carrying walkie-talkies on the property at all times. They can have First Aid brought to your location if needed.

Can I page someone on the ride pier?

No, we do not have a paging system on the pier.

How much is it to access the beach?

Casino Pier does not own or operate the beach. Fees are $6 per day per person (Children up to 11 years old are free), or $50 for a seasonal badge. Beach fees are in effect from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. Please contact the Seaside Heights BID for more information regarding the beach (732-854-8000).

I am interested in taking photos on your wedding date on your property, what do I do?

We will be honored to be a part of your special day. Notice helps! Please call or email Maria ( or 721-793-6488 x 8217) if you are planning on coming down to take photos. If riding the Carousel, please be careful to pick up your dress before riding – do not want to get it dirty! An attendant can help locate a safe/clean area to stand. Also for the wave swinger, the ride cannot go slow, so hair will be blown! We will be willing to meet with the photographer before hand to suggest spots to take.