Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

On Monday October 29, 2012 the properties of Casino Beach Pier, LLC sustained severe damage as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Access to the barrier island of Seaside Heights has been halted since the hurricane hit New Jersey, and thus actual assessment of all the damage is still impossible. The family of Casino Beach Pier has reported in and is ok. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers and we hope that all of you are doing well. We are hopeful of being able to get a better assessment of our property in the upcoming days and be able to assess our options moving forward. It is our plan to be able to back in operations for 2013, however the extent and timing of that operation is out of our control at this time.

Once we can provide more information, we will do so through our website and social sites. While our properties have suffered damage, we are more fortunate than many of our neighbors. For them we pray for some relief and a fast transition to rebuilding their past and beginning their futures.

Thank you all for reaching out to us and asking if there is anything you can do, even going as far as donating your time to assist us in the rebuilding of our property. While we await news on Seaside Heights and evaluate on how to move forward, we would like to recommend the following places to donate your time, and resources to. First is Governor Christie’s Relief Fund for NJ: The second is the Amusement Association of New Jersey’s relief efforts here:

Thank you so much for your concern.