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Welcome to our online e-ticket store!

Here you can purchase SURF Cards at a discounted rate and use them when you arrive in Seaside Heights!

Please read the following information then proceed to the E-Commerce store by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

NOTE:These SURF Cards are for CASINO PIER & BREAKWATER BEACH in Seaside Heights, NJ and are NOT for use at Jenkinsons in Point Pleasant.


1. All orders being shipped will be filled and should arrive within 2 weeks
2. If you want to save the additional shipping charge, you can choose to have the items picked up on site using Click & Print.
3. If you pick the items up here, you can wait until you are going to use them. They will be waiting for you. It’s easy, and you don’t have to worry about remembering to bring them, or losing them. Once lost they can’t be replaced unless the cards are registered.   

Pickup and SURF Card Information:

You will receive an important email from us once your order is complete. This email will contain vouchers for all SURF Cards purchased.  If you do not receive an email, your order did not process, your email was entered incorrectly or there was an error in your account.

  •  You must have your printed voucher to obtain SURF Cards and passes.
  • If your order contains multiple vouchers you may use them on separate days.
  • Senior Admission passes are not sold on the Internet. They can be purchased in person at the park.
  • Spectator passes are not sold on the internet. Spectator passes are $5.00 less than the regular admission. There must be at least 1 non-spectating adult with children under 11. Spectators are not permitted in the water in the waterpark or on any water rides. It is simply admission into the waterpark. Spectator passes are not necessary for the Pier.

Pickup at the Waterpark:

Pickup at the Waterpark requires you to visit a ticket window to redeem your voucher for your wristband. Upon arrival you will be required to wait in the admissions line if one exists.. Online E-Ticket sales do not guarantee expedited entry into the park, however we will do our best to locate presold cards in line and move you through as quickly as possible.

Pickup at the Pier:

Pickup at the Pier requires you to visit Guest Relations to redeem your vouchers.

Some important waterpark Rules and Regulations: (a complete Waterpark list is available HERE, and Pier Rules are available HERE)

  • Children under 11 must be accompanied by an adult with a paid admission.
  • Swim Diapers MUST be worn by diaper dependent children and/or adults. (childrens swim diapers are available for purchase in the gift store)
  • Food and Drink are NOT permitted in the park. Food for infants and medical needs, or allergies are exceptions, and will need to be cleared by a Supervisor or Manager. Food brought to the front gate will be asked to be returned to your vehicle or thrown away.
  • In the event of poor weather, the waterpark or rides may close for all or part of the day. It is important to your safety that we do this. We do issue re-admission passes for prolonged closures, depending on your length of stay in the park.
  • Coolers are not allowed into the park. One small bottle of water per guest is permitted.
  • We do not allow glass, food or weapons into the park. All bags are subject to search on arrival.
  • Weak swimmers of any age are encouraged to wear a US Coast Guard certified lifejacket in pools. Breakwater Beach does provide United States Coast Guard (USCG) Type II & III life vests in a variety of sizes and free of charge throughout the park. (some rides do not allow lifejackets to be worn)  Floatation devices such as noodles, swimmies, puddle jumpers, in-suit floatation devices, personal swim rings/floats and boogie boards are not permitted. We ask that all parents stay within arm’s reach of their children who wear lifevests.
  • Some rides have weight restrictions. We require that you read and obey all safety signs.
  • Please observe all rides before attempting to ride.

Credit Card Information:

Visa/Mastercard/Amex/Discover accepted. No phone sales. No personal checks.

  • Your credit card company or your bank will not be able to tell you that your payment was declined and not applied to your account the same day you place your order. When an order is placed, a “hold” for that amount is put on your account as a standard practice of card processing companies. If the card is declined for any reason, that “hold” will not come off your account until the credit card batch from that day is settled. The “hold” may not even come off right away depending on your individual bank’s practices. If you placed an order, and it was declined, and a second order was accepted for the exact same items, we will not charge your account twice – although it may look like so on a statement –  until the settlement between the credit card company and the bank is complete. ….the main reason for cards being declined is an address mismatch with the BILLING address on file for the card being used. Please make sure the address is correct prior to proceeding when placing an order.
  • NJ Residents, 7% sales tax is included in all orders


If you are from a group and ordering online admissions, we ask you to please contact Carol at 732-793-6488 x-8209 in order to set up your visit and prepare for your arrival. We have a packet of information we would like to send out to you, with instructions to make your day as stress free as possible. Please keep in mind that a minimum 1 counselor per 10 children is required for entrance.

Thank You!

By clicking below and proceeding to order your SURF Cards, you signify that you have read, understand and agree to all conditions and information set forth on this page by Casino Beach Pier, LLC.

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