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My SURF Rechargeable Card

With our commitment to our guests and the environment, Casino Beach Pier LLC has chosen to GO GREEN!  We have started phasing out our paper ticket system and are installing a new rechargeable card/wristband system!  Your new card makes visiting Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach easier than ever, so you can just have fun!



We encourage you to register your SURF Card.

In the event that it is lost or stolen, a registered card can be re-issued and the old card cancelled!

A registered card is also eligible for specials and discounts!

Click on the SURF Card below to register your card.



What do I need to know about my SURF Card?

  • Your card is valid for many locations on the property!
  • Keep your card safe. We encourage you to register your card! CLICK HERE to register
  • Your card never expires.
  • Your card can be shared with family and friends.  Give it to the kids and family to build up bonus points on your Loyalty card.


What is a Surf Card?

  • A SURF Card is a card or wristband that is capable of carrying credits and admissions for Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach Waterpark.

 Do I need a SURF Card to enjoy the rides and waterpark?

  • If you visit the waterpark we will issue you a wristband. This wristband can carry some or all of your credits for use in the park!  (no more wet money!)  At the end of your visit simply stop by Guest Relations and we will gladly transfer your remaing credits to a card to use at a later date.
  • You will be able to use ride tickets and waterpark tickets if you have old ones. We will be phasing out paper tickets as the year progresses. Casino Arcade playcards are on a different system. You can currently move value from the arcade card to the SURF card. In the future you will be able to use your SURF card directly on the games in the Arcade.

Where Can I Get a Card?

  • Cards will be available at all ticket windows on Casino Pier, Breakwater Beach, and at the Casino Arcade counter.

Are Cards Free?

  • Yes! There is no charge for the card.

 Where Can I Use My SURF Card?

  • Your card is valid for many locations on the property!  Rides, Arcade, and the Waterpark!
  • Card value can be transferred from one card to another or to your waterpark wristband for the day!

Where Can I Use a SURF Card?

  • You can use your card in many places our properties. Casino Pier, Breakwater Beach, Casino Arcade.

What Are Bonus Credits?

  • Bonus credits are credits that are added to your card as a reward for purchasing and using it. (Bouns credits do have limitations in some areas.)

Does Everyone In My Family Need a Card?

  • That is up to you. You can each have your own card if you frequently visit or if you are here for one weekend, one card would work for the whole family.  If you think you will split up, multiple cards may be helpful.  However the more cards you register and keep, the more chances you will have to accumulate valuable points.
  • Cards can be transferred and consolidated if you wish, or split up.

Can I Give a Card As a Gift?

  • Yes! They make great gifts. The SURF card would be a great gift for family or friends that plan to visit.  You can load as many credits as you would like on the card and once they arrive, they can add more to it if they would like.

 What Happens to My Unused Credits on My Card?

  • Your SURF Card does not expire, so just use it the next time you visit the properties. We do not refund unused credits.

What If I Lose My Card?

  • A SURF Card is just like tickets or cash. If it’s lost, we cannot offer a refund.
  • If you card is registered we can reissue a new card if it becomes lost or stolen.

I Have An Old Arcade Playcard, Pier and Waterpark tickets, can I still use them?

  • Yes, just bring your tickets or playcard and we will exchange them to work with the new system.

Where Can I Get More Information?

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