For Our Guests with Disabilities

At Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach we are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment to all our guests. We want you to enjoy your visit with us, so if you have special needs, please let us know when you arrive. The following information will be helpful to you in answering many questions, but should you have other needs or questions please discuss them with a representative at Guest Relations located near the front of both parks.

Parking: Our properties operate our lot at the corner of Ocean Terrace and Sherman Avenue which provide accessible parking spaces. Parking is available on a first-come-first-serve basis and a valid disability parking pass is required to be visible. The other parking around our properties are operated by the town of Seaside Heights.

Admission: All guests who wish to enter the waterpark or to participate on any ride in the amusement park are required to pay an admission/ticket fee. The accessible entrance for the waterpark is located at the corner of Grant Avenue and the Boulevard. The accessible entrance to Casino Pier and its properties east of Ocean Terrace is located at the east end of Grant Avenue.

Height & Rider requirements: All requirements are posted at each attraction. You will be measured at each individual attraction and prior to your admission into Breakwater Beach. All guests, including those using wheelchairs, must meet the height requirement regardless of ability. Each of our ride experiences is uniquely different. Ride admission safety requirements are determined by the ride dynamics, the restraint system used and recommendations made by the ride manufacturer. Ride information and restrictions (such as height, health, size and age) are posted at each ride location to assist you in deciding whether or not to ride based on your knowledge of your own ability or physical condition. We encourage you to watch the attraction when possible prior to choosing to ride. If in doubt, do not ride. Riders must read and observe ALL ride postings and instructions to include Rider Responsibilities for the State of NJ. All guests are required to be able to exit the ride safely should a shutdown occur. Guests who need additional assistance should be accompanied by a companion. On all rides, guests using wheelchairs will need to transfer themselves onto the ride. Our employees are trained to provide assistance, which include steadying a guest transferring to or from a wheelchair. However, they are not trained and not permitted to lift guests in and out of wheelchairs.

Casts and Prosthetics: Guests with a full arm cast, full leg cast, or braced arm cast may be restricted from riding certain rides. On most rides, guests with a prosthetic will be allowed to ride as long as the prosthetic device is properly secured and will remain in place during the ride. Please see our Guest Relations team members for questions regarding what rides are accessible based on your individual needs.

Oxygen Tanks: Due to the dynamics and certain characteristics of the rides, oxygen tanks may not be permitted.

Service Animals: Service animals are welcome at our properties. All service animals must remain on a leash or in a harness at all times, and be housebroken. Where permitted, guests with service animals should follow the same attraction entrance procedures as described for guests using wheelchairs. None of our rides are equipped or designed for service animals to ride and it is required that someone in your group must stay with your service animal while you ride.

Restrooms: Accessible restrooms are available to guests using wheelchairs, and are clearly marked with the ASA symbol throughout the properties. The restrooms located in the center of the waterpark are not accessible to guests with disabilities.

First Aid: For the convenience of all our guests, a First Aid Station is located on the ride pier by the main entrance area and in the waterpark by the Dockside Café.

The Guest Relations staff and any of our team members will be happy to provide addition information to guests with disabilities about services and special accommodations.