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Boating ClubsFreedom Boat Club is not like those typical boating clubs where you need to own a boat to become a member. Our service lets you use one of our many boats ranging from fishing boats to flat boats, pontoons, bowriders, large cruisers, and deckboats. Visit our website for more details.

Like many people, you probably love the idea of boating every weekend, just the sea and the breezy wind—but you don’t want the hassles of having to worry about maintaining a boat and having to pay for docking fees and all that follows. The good news is, there is just one easy solution. You can join boating clubs. Now you can enjoy all the luxury and prestige of the boating lifestyle without all the costs and stress associated with actually owning and maintaining your own sea vessel. 
How does a boat club work? For a price way smaller than an actual boat, members can choose to book any boat available from the club’s fleet. Be sure to choose a large club with franchises in different locations so you can go boating anywhere in the US. Join the boat club that started the ‘member’s only’ trend in the boating world—Freedom Boat Club. By far one of the largest boating clubs in the US, our company offers different memberships to suit your needs. One of our most popular is the unlimited membership, wherein members can boat as often as they want. If you’re just starting out or don’t really go boating often, you can also choose a more limited type of membership. 
To know more about Freedom Boat Club and our membership packages, just browse our website or watch our video. You may also fill up our contact form or call us at 888.781.7363.
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