1 Credit = $1
25 Credits = $25
55 Credits = $50
120 Credits = $100
250 Credits = $200

Purchase Credits


Tickets will NOT be accepted at a ride.  If you have tickets from previous years, you must trade them in for SURF card credits at the Guest Relations Office.
The trade value: 1 SURF credit for every 2 tickets.

Wacky Rooftop Golf: $7.50

Go-Karts:  $10.00 Driver (must be minimum of 48″) / $2.50 Passenger (must be between  36″ – 48″)

Shore Shot:  $8.00

Skyscraper:  $20.00

Sky Ride:  One Way: $4.50, Round Trip: $7.00

SkyCoaster:  $35 (individual); $50 (double); $60 (triple)

Smuggler’s Quay Adventure Golf
18-Hole:  $13.00 (adult), $11.00 (child & senior)

36-Hole:  $17.00 (adult), $14.00 (child & senior)

2-Hour Pier Wristband:
$37.95: Mon-Fri
$40.95 Sat-Sun
Sold until 8pm
Excludes Go-Karts, Skyscraper, Sky Ride & SkyCoaster

*As a kid-friendly theme park, guests will be asked to provide a photo ID for all credit transactions made on our property

Daily Specials

Go-Karts, SkyCoaster, Skyscraper & Sky Ride are not valid on wristbands or discounted credit specials.  Not valid on holidays.  

Triple Play
Breakwater Beach, Go-Karts, 18-Hole Golf: $53.00 adult, $48.00 child
*Can be purchased at Smuggler’s Quay, Go-Karts or Breakwater Beach

SkyCoaster, Shore Shot & Skyscraper

2-Hr Pier Wristband
*Excludes Go-Karts, Sky Ride, Skyscraper, SkyCoaster
Mon-Fri $37.95
Sat-Sun $40.95
Sold until 8pm

Ride/Slide Admission

* Admission to the waterpark & wristband for unlimited pier rides (Excludes Go-Karts, Skyscraper, Sky Ride & SkyCoaster)
Does NOT have to be used in the same day.

Over 48″ - $68.95
Under 48″ - $62.95
Seniors (65+)** - $34.95
**Seniors must show ID when purchasing

Sold only when Breakwater Beach & Casino Pier are BOTH open.

**All accompanying riders must pay to ride**
**Admission is required for all guests entering the waterpark**

Discounts and Coupons
We do not offer any discount codes or coupons through any 3rd party websites or companies with the exception of Dunkin Donuts, Jersey Shore Blueclaws, and Save Around. Discount codes and coupons are solely offered by Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach during season sales and promotions. Invalid codes and coupons will not be accepted.

Casino Pier Attraction Map