Casino Pier Guidelines

At Casino Pier your memorable experience and safety is our top priority.  Our commitment to safety is an important factor to ensure a worry-free experience with some helpful hints:

Separated Children

Please plan a meeting spot in case anyone in your party becomes separated. The amusement park can be a very large place to a child. We encourage you to keep the children together in groups. However, in the unforeseeable event of separation, it is important that the children feel confident about what they should do. We recommend easy locations such as the entrance of the pier or the Pier Grill restaurant as meeting places.

If you have a camera, try to take a picture of all the children as soon as possible. If a child becomes separated, an accurate description of their clothes will help.

Let the children know our staff is here to help.  If a child becomes separated they can notify a Casino Pier employee. It is important that you or the child go to a ticket booth, as we have a communication system between the staff, managers, and security. Unfortunately, we do not have a public address system, so we cannot page individuals.

Ride Safety

Please make sure there is a chaperone who can stay with non-riders during your visit.

Height restrictions are posted at every ride entrance.  Please check the heights before getting in line for the ride. Different rides have different terminology, below are the guidelines:

  • MIN HEIGHT – The minimum height ALL riders must be to ride. There are no exceptions to this restriction (adults MAY NOT accompany a child who is below the “Min Height”).
  • MIN HEIGHT UNLESS WITH AN ADULT – The minimum height ALL riders must be to ride.  However a child may ride if they are accompanied by an adult AND are taller than the ‘MIN HEIGT’ (minimum height restriction).
  • MIN HEIGHT UNLESS WITH A COMPANION *or* RESPONSIBLE RIDER – The minimum height ALL riders must be to ride.  However, a child may ride if they are accompanied by a companion AND are taller than the minimum height restriction.  The ‘companion’ or ‘responsible rider’ does not have to be an adult, however they must be responsible enough to obverse the child’s safety, and signal to the ride operator to stop a ride in case of an incident.
  • MAX HEIGHT – The maximum height a rider can be to ride a ride.  If anyone is taller than the maximum height, they may not ride EVEN IF they are accompanying a child.

*Please note that it is Casino Pier’s policy to charge admission to every rider who rides.  People who accompany a child or children must pay the posted admission.