Outreach Program

Breakwater Beach Outreach programs are designed to be interactive, where students are encouraged to answer questions from the presenter.  Visual aids connected to each program are incorporated into the presentation, which allows the students to not only hear about certain equipment, but see it as well.  The experienced Breakwater Beach presenter allots time at the end for a Question and Answer session.

Our educational philosophy emphasizes that students grasp concepts better through real world experiences rather than just reading about them.  With these diverse programs our goal is to teach the topics being covered and simultaneously giving the students a concrete way to remember the subject matter.

A fun feature of the programs would be a special visit from our Breakwater Beach mascot, “Slider”.  This cute, cuddly six foot Otter (costumed character) can be included at no additional cost and is a great way for the younger students to interact with him.  Slider will also pass out gifts such as pencils, coloring pages and water safety word finds so the children will have a reminder of the information they learned.

The Breakwater Beach Outreach program offers exciting and educational topics, which all can be applied to the NJ Core Curriculum for your classroom.  We will be happy to bring our programs directly to your school or for some topics a field trip to the Water Park will gladly be arranged.  Select from the following programs:

Water Safety

Students learn all aspects of being safe and enjoying the water. They’ll learn about safe swimming with friends, how to identify a lifeguard, and why thunder is bad among other topics.  NJCCS 2.1

Water Chemistry

Waterparks and pools have many chemicals that are used throughout the course of a season. We’ll discuss all the chemicals, breakdown the reaction desired from them, and why they are used. Students will also learn about water properties, water balancing, and how we control the amount of chemicals in the water.  NJCCS 5.6

Mathematics of a Waterpark

From determining the amount of chemicals in the water, to proper sizing of the filtration, or budget analysis, math is used everyday in the waterpark. We will show the students examples of how important math is and review problem solving in our environment.  NJCCS 4.1, 4.2, 4.4, 4.5, 5.3

Economics of a Waterpark

Diminishing returns, profit and loss, and budgeting are key areas to insure a successful season. We spend many hours in the off-season working with these and will show the students how to take these into real-word examples based on our past history.  NJCCS 6.5

First Aid/Rescue

Students will learn basic first aid, what to do in specific situations, how to think during emergencies, and the importance of making proper choices.  NJCCS 2.1, 9.2

Program Notes:

  • $75 for 30 min program of 50 children in Monmouth/Ocean County* Second Program to follow in the same day = $50 for 30 min, 50 children
  • $1.00 per child, over the first 50 per session.
  • $125 outside of Monmouth and Ocean Counties per program
  • Children will receive pencil, coloring page, word find, and discount coupon
  • We would like to leave brochures behind if possible.
  • Classes will only be conducted during the off-season (September-May)

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