1. Is it safe to order?
    We’ve taken every precaution during the shipping process to keep you and our team members safe. Our team members are following all recommended precautions as outlined by the CDC and our governmental officials.
  2. When will my cards arrive?
    For the safety of both guests and our team members, we are processing the orders from several locations, and therefore there may be a slight delay in your packages. In addition, once the packages leave here, the timing will be based on the USPS. You will receive a tracking number on your invoice and you can monitor the timing using the USPS service.
  3. Are the cards sold on property this weekend?
    They will not be. Our property is closed to guests. Please do not come down to the properties, stay home and follow the social distancing guidelines established by the CDC. Keep checking our website and social media. If we have another sale on property when we reopen we will certainly let you know!
  4. Are the cards refundable?
    We do not provide refunds, but our cards NEVER expire, so you can use them whenever you are able to come to the properties.  You can use them for future summers to come!
  5. Can I pick the cards up on property?
    Sorry, but no. Please do not come down to the properties, stay home and follow the social distancing guidelines established by the CDC.
  6. What should I do when my package arrives?
    According to the CDC, there is little risk associated with receiving a package delivery. If you’d like to be extra cautious, you can spritz the package with a solution of at least 62% alcohol and let it rest a few minutes. Don’t forget to wash your hands after opening, and refrain from touching your face.
  7. Do the cards expire?
    They do not! Use them anytime you can when we are open, this summer or the next or the next!
  8. I need to get in touch with someone about my order, how can I do that?
    Best way to do that is to email slider@casinopiernj.com and include your name, issue you are experiencing, order number (if you have one), and phone number. We will communicate to you via a reply email.
  9. Can I use these cards on the games, food, or arcade?
    Unfortunately no, but you can purchase SURF cards on our website for the arcade and games. Food and alcohol is not included in the use of SURF credits.  There is no sale for the regular SURF cards at this present time, but you can purchase them on our website anytime.
  10. When are you opening?
    We will be opening the properties once it is safe to do so and allowed by the government. We hope to see you all very soon! Stay safe.