What a beautiful day for the Four Annual Hot Dog eating contest at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights!

Men, women and children preregistered for the big event, hosted by Dennis and Judi. After they checked in, they received their own T-shirts … and gathered around a large table, waiting for their hot dogs to come out.

They had just 10 minutes to chow down as many as they could, with their family and friend watching. Puking … unfortunately for at least one contestant … was a disqualification.

The competition started, as family and friends cheered in the background. Some were taking the competition seriously — and devouring the hot dogs one after the other at a frightening pace. Others were taking their grand old time.

After 10 minutes of consuming hot dogs there were two big winners. For the children, the winner was a young man by the name of Christian who successfully ate six hot dogs.

For the adults, the winner was a Jason from Manchester — known to the crowd (and, we assume, his kids) as “Daddy. He successfully ate 12 hot dogs!

He’s now taking three other friends into the city to see The Blue Man group.